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CONDUIT BLEND - 12oz Bag - $14

This coffee was recently awarded a Bronze medal in both the Espresso and Milk-Based Espresso categories at the 2018 Golden Bean coffee competition in Portland, OR!

From the Latin word “conducere” meaning “bring together”, Conduit brings together seasonal coffees to produce a bright, clean, and balanced flavor profile. Conduit is great isolated as a shot or with milk in a latte or cappuccino. Enjoy the taste of the season.

Current Season: Summer

Tasting Notes: Cinnamon & red fruit


This special coffee lot comes to us from our importer's "Origin Select Decaf" program. Origin Select coffees are produced by blending high quality microlots at origin, where they are cupped and evaluated before being sent to be decaffeinated. This unique selection and blending method helps to ensure quality throughout the decaffeination process and produces a remarkable coffee that even regular coffee drinkers can enjoy! 

TASTING NOTES: Chocolate, Cherry, Lemon


Sourced with the help of our friends at Catalyst Coffee, this sparklingly floral washed lot from the Keramo Village in Sidama is a welcome addition to our winter lineup. This organically grown coffee was fully washed and dried on raised mesh beds before being sorted by screen size (a measure of bean size). After cupping several of the sorted lots, we found size 14 to be our preference and are excited to share the lot with you now.

Keramo is a village located high in the Bombe mountains, and this particular lot was processed at the Bombe washing station in accordance with strict quality guidelines managed by Catalyst. With their exceptional attention to detail and deep relationships in Ethiopia, we are proud to work with Catalyst on all our Ethiopian offerings this year.

TASTING NOTES: Raspberry, Lavender, Champaign


We're thrilled to offer our fourth harvest from Luis Valdes of Finca Santa Isabel. Located near the town of San Cristóbal Verapaz in the department of Alta Verapaz, the Valdes farm rests at an altitude between 1400-1600M and features around 200 hectares dedicated to coffee production. 

Family owned and operated since 1965, Don Luis Valdes and his son Luis take exceptional pride in the production of their coffees. As a result of their dedication to quality and innovative approaches to pruning and composting, the farm has placed in the Guatemala Cup of Excellence twice in the last five years: 8th place in 2011 and 3rd place in 2012.

We love this year's crop as it coffee as it features a sweet toffee flavor profile complimented with notes of pineapple and plum.


One of the most interesting people we met at the Cincinnati Coffee Festival this year was Nelson Amador. Nelson runs a coffee importing business called De La Finca that originated from his family farm in the Comayagua region of Honduras. Today, De La Finca focuses on relationships with farmers that employ organic practices, proudly imports through fair trade, supports women-owned and operated farms, and invests in the communities they partner with by giving back to local schools.

This exceptional coffee comes from a De La Finca family farm: Finca El Conejo. El Conejo is managed by Joel and Elmer Banegas, who are fifth generation coffee farmers. The young entrepreneurs were given a plot of family land by their father to start growing coffee on their own and have taken the task in stride. Elmer took full responsibility for maintaining the land and workers while Joel decided to go to college to study agricultural engineering and specialize in coffee. They have joined forces to make Finca El Conejo one of the few experimental farms in the Comayagua region. Finca El Conejo produced only 29 bags of honey processed coffee this year, and we were thrilled to get our hands on a few of them. We love this preparation of their coffee for its upfront clean taste of chocolate that fades into a fruit medley of fig, bing cherry, strawberry, and pecans.

PERU - RUTAS del INCA 12oz Bag $14

Established in October 2013 in Querocoto, Cajamarca, Cooperativa Agraria Rutas del Inca was organized by 33 founding members as a quality focused, organic certified coffee collective. The cooperative exported its first lot in 2014, and has continued producing exceptional lots year over year.

Rutas del Inca produces high-quality coffee created by favorable environmental conditions such as temperature, day length, a consistent humidity of 70 to 80%, high altitude, and rainfall. These conditions, combined with a wide variety of cultivars and good management practices—including proper composting, selective harvesting, well-timed fermentation, and solar drying—converge to make up an excellent coffee. The coffee is 100% washed, with 80% of the cooperative members processing the coffee individually at their farms. The coffee is depulped the same day it is harvested, then fermented for 12 to 20 hours depending on the altitude of the farm. Eighty percent of the coffee is dried in solar tents with raised beds, with the remainder dried on covered patios. 

The flavor profiles of our favorite Peruvian coffees are highlighted by a rich, dessert-like sweetness (think brown sugar, honey, maple) and a mellow acidity. This particular lot from Rutas del Inca also showcases aromatics of rose water and tart fruit notes (pomegranate) in the finish. 


As one of the most environmentally and socially conscious cooperatives in Rwanda, Dukunde Kawa not only produces fantastic coffee but also provides robust support systems for their members. Founded in 2003 with 300 coffee growers, the cooperative is now over 2000+ members strong and 80% of their members are women. The specific lot we purchased this year is 100% comprised of coffees produced under the direction of these women.

As recognition for their hard work in support of sustainability through every phase of coffee production, Dukunde Kawa won the SCAA’s prestigious Sustainability Award in 2012 for realizing the benefits of shade-grown coffee and restorative replanting efforts.

Like a classic root beer, this lot showcases deep complexity and sweetness reminiscent of sarsaparilla and cinnamon sugar. We also tasted notes of melon and jasmine in the cup, making this coffee versatile enough for batch brewing and pourovers alike.


Heroes get remembered, but legends never die.

After a hard-fought five-year run, Uel Zing Coffee ceased coffee brewing operations in late 2017. As roasting partners with Uel Zing, it’s sad to see a friend leave the industry, but hey…. when life throws you a curveball, you sit back and hit that curveball over the fence.

To keep the legacy of Uel Zing alive, we continue to roast and distribute the blend we all loved so much. The focus of the blend is to highlight two of the prominent flavors we love most in a cold brew and espresso: rich chocolate and dark fruit. Whether you brew the Zing Blend as an espresso or cold brew, you can count on a rich and sweet complexity with a focus on balance. This one won’t ever let you down.


Our second seasonal blend has arrived! After a long winter the birds are finally up and chirpin’, and this blend celebrates the splendor of warm weather. Combining lots from Central America and Africa, we taste cotton candy sweetness with a bright orange pop that makes this blend perfect for iced coffee or pourovers.

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