The People Who Make ALL the things Possible


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Leading the way to affordable, fresh, accessible foods with the Indy’s Community Food Co Op & East Side Marketspace in Indianapolis, Indiana. My goal is to reach as many people with as much food as humanly possible with my fabulous team of people I call friends. Wife and Mama to 4. Homeschooler.

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The one who holds us together on the forefront, while managing all of our vendor accounts on the co op side of things. She organizes and manages all of your extras items each order and makes the magic happen to ensure that you get everything in the best quality. Wife and Mama of 2. Homeschooler.

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Math Magician

The one who keeps our numbers in check. She works both in the background and forefront with boots on the ground. Candace makes sure your invoices are correct and payments are in. Cat Mum to 4. Aunt Candy to all.

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We adore and treasure all of our volunteers. They are the real reason this co op & marketspace works at the highest most fluid ways possible. This world is blessed with each of our volunteers.